Amazing Borneo’s Contributions to The Society and Environment

Giving Back - For Public Good

Amazing Borneo plays a crucial role in creating and promoting responsible travel experiences, with positive impacts evident in its operations, services, and social responsibility initiatives. Striving to act as an agent for change, we promote sustainable developments and make positive contributions to all stakeholders among the society.

What We Have Done:

  • In order to improve the living quality of Mount Kinabalu's Mountain Guides, Amazing Borneo has created N.I.C.E (Nurture, Inspire, Cultivate. Empower), which provides professional training and development workshops covering Guiding Knowledge, Safety Protocols, and Soft Skills competency. This effort results in heightened professionalism, better visitor experiences, more positive reviews, increased income opportunities, and ultimately, an improved quality of living for Mountain Guides.
  • Our tour packages are carefully designed to showcase the unique cultural and natural heritage of Sabah and Sarawak, while also providing opportunities for visitors to support local businesses and economies. By choosing our tours, we direct the flow of tourists and revenue to local businesses operated by indigenous communities such as the Bajau Laut in Semporna, the Kadazan-Dusun in Kudasang, the Rungus in Kudat, and the Penan tribe in Mulu. We believe in the importance of promoting sustainable economic development, and our tours reflect this commitment.
  • In our unwavering commitment to empowering the younger generation, we offer internship positions with a basic living allowance, providing invaluable career experience, financial support, and most importantly, an immersive exposure to real-world working settings and the international market. This is our way of nurturing Sabahan young people who share our passion, as we strive to develop the next generation of leaders who will make a positive impact in our communities and the world.
  • To support our mountain guides after the 2015 Sabah earthquake, we hold The Amazing Initiative, a crowdfunding campaign to prioritize the mountain guides’ welfare. We have raised over RM100,000 to support the guides and their families during their bereavement period.
  • In Jan 2016, Amazing Borneo provided valuable support to the Ranau mudslide victims by addressing their crucial need for clean water. The staff transported clean water to the Ranau Community Hall where there was an acute water shortage.

Giving Back - For Nature Positive

As an eco-conscious tourism operator, we hold a critical responsibility to comprehend, defend, and conserve the Earth's precious natural habitats, wildlife, and environment for posterity. By prioritizing the protection of key ecosystems, promoting sustainable livelihoods, preserving biodiversity, and advocating for climate action, we can make a vital step and significant impact towards responsible travel and foster a brighter future for our planet.

What We Have Done:

  • In October 2019, Amazing Borneo partnered with SeaTango to organize an ocean preservation program called "Project Aware" in conjunction with International Coastal Cleanup Day. Volunteers participated in beach clean-up and removal of sea debris to contribute to the global effort of protecting the ocean.