Booking for the tours your want is very easy with us. Just simply follow the steps below, and rest assured we will make your visit to Sabah a reality!

Step 1:

View our list of available tour packages and accommodations. When you have selected the packages or accommodations you like, just click on the "Submit Enquiry” button displayed on all tour packages or hotel details. Feel free to make enquiries, we will be happy to assist!

Step 2:

You can add more than 1 tour package or hotel accommodations to your planner. When you are ready to book, simply click on the "Submit Reservation" button and you will be asked for your contact information and payment method. For some tour packages like Mount Kinabalu Climb, you may just click on “Submit Enquiry” or send it directly to

Step 3:

We will confirm the availability of your reservation (usually within 24 hours during Malaysian business day).

Step 4:

Upon confirmation of availability, based on the payment option you have selected, a payment advice will provided. Upon confirmation of payment from our Bank or Credit Card Service Provider, a receipt & final itinerary will be emailed to you.