Colors of Sarawak

Get up closed and personal with the ethnic groups in Sarawak, which is home to some 40 ethnic groups. Many of these tribes still observe their traditional ritual and beliefs and it is fascinating to be part of these celebrations such as the colorful 'Gawai Dayak' festival. Make sure to have on your list to visit the Sarawak Cultural Village and the 'Longhouse' tour, and be enthralled by their colorful cultural performances.

Natures & adventures

For those with heart of an adventure, ready to explore Sarawak world's biggest cave passage, Deer Cave and the largest underground chamber 'The Sarawak Chamber' that could fit up to 40 Boeing 747 without overlapping its wings. These massive caves here hosts to millions of bats and cave swiftlets that swarm out into the jungle in great clouds which is exhilarating to watch every evening at dusk.

Walk down in history

The captivating city of Kuching, is a small city of great history where it is remembered for its Camelot of the 'White Rajahs'. The Kuching Waterfront History walk, marks the place where James Brooke an English adventurer landed and created history in Malaysia. A stroll on the 1 km long of Kuching waterfront is a walk through time, taking a history enthusiast from Kuching's humble ancient origins to its status as a modern city. Today Kuching Waterfront had developed into a quaint landscaped esplanade, a cozy recreational place to just chill the evening riverine breeze.

Food Splendour

Chinese food is divine in Sarawak and best of all it is CHEAP! Sibu, has plenty of upmarket Chinese restaurants, serving a blend of Foochow, Cantonese and Shanghainese cuisine. There are as well food stalls for those who likes to blends with the locals in Sibu, food such as Kompia which is signature to Sibu is a must try. It is serve with various options best is 'curry'.

Islands in the sun

Sun and beach lovers or secluded vacation? One should not missed the Salang Island, an island best known for snorkeling, it is a lush tropical island with white sandy beaches. The marine life is abundant, with colorful fish and corals which are closed to the beach, and an added bonus you get a glimpse of turtles. There are other islands that should make in the list, Patok, Talang-Talang and Santubong Islands to name the few.


Sarawak has many to offer to her visitors, ranging from adventure, cultures, nature, and history or simply meander the picturesque cities and towns of Sarawak. One of a requisite visit for anyone interested in Borneo's people and its habitat, is to the Sarawak State Museum the oldest museum in Borneo it has the first rate collection of cultural artifacts.

Sunset River Cruise

Enjoy the breathtaking sunset from the comfort of the Sarawak River Cruise Sky Deck, savoring the cool breeze above the calm river while sipping on a refreshing beer. The Sarawak River Cruise provides a unique and different experience and a wonderful way of observing Kuching City from a different angle. A blast back to the past, of how transportation to and from the city was in the olden days before the introduction of modern road vehicles. Be a special evening with love ones or leisurely event the evening cruise along the majestic Sarawak River promises to be a memorable experience to guests.