Orou Sapulot Sabah

Orou Sapulot

About Orou Sapulot

Adrenaline junkies who enjoy travels off the beaten path will find contented solitude and bliss in the secluded jungles of Sapulot where one can truly get in touch with nature and an authentic Bornean experience. Set foot at the Sabah-Kalimantan border where the Murut tribe will transport you back to simpler times more attuned to Mother Nature.

Bring back memories of the adrenaline rush from zooming down a river in a wooden boat or excite your muscles with a climb up a 600-metre limestone, Batu Punggul, making your way through the extensive cavern system of Pungiton Cave, and spend evenings entertained by traditional performances and dining on local meals prepared by the Murut tribe.

Relax and ease your muscles by a few waterfalls, offer yourself up for the leeches on a jungle trek or sample rice wine and participate in cultural activities for a quintessential Bornean experience unlike any other.

Who is it for?

Definitely not for the faint hearted where necessities are at its very basic, travellers who wish to spice up their travels away from the crowd by pumping in a tinge of adventure and explorations into the deep jungles of Sabah are welcomed to Orou Sapulot!

If you’re cool with bringing home a couple of lovebites from leeches, Orou Sapulot will definitely feed your fancy for adventure, wildlife, and an eye-opening experience with the Murut Tribe of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

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