Passionate and charismatic, our Khaki-clad crew are the friendly faces that will greet you upon your arrival and fill you in on all the juicy details as you unveil the eco-wonderland of Borneo with us.

Get ready for pure, raw, unfiltered adventure. It's those spontaneous moments that makes the best memories, and our tour guides know just that. Expect off-itinerary stops to marvel at flora, fauna, flavor and feel, also some secret spots boasting stunning scenes. They are also well equipped with one-liner jokes and knock-knock jokes to keep those spirits soaring high!

Looking is not experiencing and seeing is not understanding, we make every moment a unique encounter. From steering you deep into secret streets laced with enticing eateries to 'haggling' for a better bargain at the night market to pointing out the world's smallest orchid, Savor local flavor, feast on the sights and sounds while they spell-bound you with ancient folklore tales and local myths.

Well versed in history, geology, botany, environmental science and marine biology, they'll take you on a deeper dive into the local culture with fun trivia and info-nuggets dalong the way. Excitement never runs dry when you're with these bunch of outdoor enthusiasts!

Safety is no compromise on your blazing adventure. Our tour guides are qualified with extensive years of experience. They're all well prepared for emergency.


Neil Tour Guide


Neil is a foodie and if you are going on a food hunt, he’s your best companion. Neil’s charming smile will help ease you into the local culture. Knowledgeable and friendly, he is ready to take on questions you have about Borneo. Try asking him for some local food recommendations by the end of your tour with him and he will be glad to help you out.

Tour Guide


“Improvise, adapt and overcome” ─ A mantra Joel learnt while growing up in the wilds of Tabin, Borneo. His father was a wildlife officer and the jungle is his play yard where he tagged along on expeditions. Go on a birding tour with Joe and it may come with an interesting twist; he has impressive vocal cords that are able to catch birds’ attention. Don’t forget to ask him to sing you a tune or two when you are on tour with him!

Amazing Borneo Tour Guide


Generous with jokes, Richard has a talent to break the ice with humour. Jokes aside, his zest for variety of experiences makes him a wanderlust. He loves meeting people from different background that helps change enhance his exposure to the world outside of Borneo. “I thought I would be the one sharing stories about my homeland but being a tour guide takes me all over the world through tales from travellers.”

Tour Guide


Ray is a fun-loving, adventure-seeking, tree-climbing explorer that is obsessed with the jungle. His passion though, lies in the botanicals of Borneo. He is a self-studying botany with deep knowledge in this field of study. The endless fascinating facts he learnt eventually led him to his dream job - guiding travellers through Borneo. Outside of work, Ray loves creating fusion recipes in the kitchen. If you want some tips on using local spices in your cooking, Ray is the guy you can go to.

Tour Guide


Tan’s love for travelling and photography fuels his passion for tour guiding as it allows him to travel throughout Sabah. Having traversed through Borneo, Tan has quoted, “never underestimate the beauty of Sabah”. He is determined to introduce the best of Borneo to those on his tour and delivers impeccable services. If you need somebody to take good photo mementos of your trip in Borneo, Tan is ever ready to assist you.

Diana Tour Guide


Diana has a smile that lights up the room. Accommodating and compassionate, she’s the best companion you can ask for be it a day tour or a multi-day tour exploring all that Borneo has to offer. Her gutsy and upbeat character will brighten your tour. If you have children that comes on her tour, you’re in for a treat as she’s great with them!