Passionate and charismatic, our Khaki-clad crew are the friendly faces that will greet you upon your arrival and fill you in on all the juicy details as you unveil the eco-wonderland of Borneo with us.

Our Guides will go that extra mile in making your travel come alive, always with a smile.

Get ready for pure, raw, unfiltered adventure. It's those spontaneous moments that makes the best memories, and our tour guides know just that. Expect off-itinerary stops to marvel at flora, fauna, flavor and feel, also some secret spots boasting stunning scenes. They are also well equipped with one-liner jokes and knock-knock jokes to keep those spirits soaring high!

Our Khaki-clan will take you where no guide book or travel map can.

Looking is not experiencing and seeing is not understanding, we make every moment a unique encounter. From steering you deep into secret streets laced with enticing eateries to 'haggling' for a better bargain at the night market to pointing out the world's smallest orchid, Savor local flavor, feast on the sights and sounds while they spell-bound you with ancient folklore tales and local myths.

Our walking talking compasses comes with interesting insights!

Well versed in history, geology, botany, environmental science and marine biology, they'll take you on a deeper dive into the local culture with fun trivia and info-nuggets dalong the way. Excitement never runs dry when you're with these bunch of outdoor enthusiasts!

Our tour guides are certified CPR and First Aid Responder.

Safety is no compromise on your blazing adventure. Our tour guides are qualified with extensive years of experience. They're all well prepared for emergency.


Amazing Borneo Head Tour Guide


"Do what you love and never work a day in your life." Meet Ryan, the Dim Sum warrior. The jungle is his office because of his fascinating fixation on nature & wildlife. To him, playing chase with an Orang Utan is a skill gained from experience and definitely not an ordeal. And when he isn't unveiling the deep mysterious depths of Borneo to curious wanderers, he is reminiscing about his early days in a rock band named "Freaks from the Zoo".

Amazing Borneo Tour Guide


"Routines are Lethal". Ex-engineer of 5 years, Luq traded her electro-engineering degree for a life of cultural exchange and great outdoors. From jungle-trekking to alpine rock-climbing & para-gliding, she embraces her passion and overcomes her fears through travel. To her, travel isn't only an outward experience, it is a personal one involving self-discovery too.

Tour Guide


Steph lives zealously, dancing through the rain and wallowing in radiant sunshine, with boundless ambition as ammunition. This former violin teacher of 7 years made the decision to delve into the magic and whimsy of the natural world by being a traveler in her own backyard. "Best thing about being a tour guide, it feels like a never-ending vacation".

Amazing Borneo Tour Guide


Generous with jokes and rich with ambition. Richard’s zest for variety led him to a life of Wanderlust and Wildlife- Tour Guiding, which changed his perspective on a lot of thing,” I thought I would be the one sharing stories about my homeland, but being a tour guide takes me all over the world through tales from travelers."

Tour Guide


Cartoons and movies from Roy's childhood lead him into believing he is a combination of what he has watched. "Comical" would be the word to best describe him. Roy is passionate towards all of mother natures' whimsical creation and is naturally curious about what life has in store for him. One thing you must know about him; he possesses a rather adventurous palate. Meet Roy to find out!

Amazing Borneo Tour Guide


Calvin is where he is today because of 5 simple words, ‘Never be afraid to try’. He believes that Curiosity is the essence of Life. He finds joy in guiding equally curious travelers through the beauty of Sabah. He has a fondness for languages, being able to speak fluent English, Malay and Chinese…. And soon enough, Japanese. Because of his easy-going nature, he collects smiles from all over the globe, yours could be next.

Tour Guide


There is never a dull moment when you're with Belle, laughter never runs dry when she's around. With 5 years of wilderness expeditions with Outward Bound, she knew she was destined for the outdoors. Lizards aren't her particular favourite but ask her anything about plants and she will gladly fill you in on the specifics.

Tour Guide


Ray is a fun-loving, adventure-seeking, tree-climbing explorer that is obsessed with Orchids. Love plants? 7 years of self-studying botany has equipped him with an endless list of wow-facts and led him to his dream-job of guiding travelers through Borneo. He loves creating fusion recipes in the kitchen as much as he loves creating wonderful memories for people with his charisma, insight and infectious enthusiasm!

Tour Guide


Tan’s love for travelling and photography is what fuels his passion as a tour guide as it allows him to travel throughout Sabah as a job. Always seen snapping photos of scenery, flowers, and birds, it truly encapsulates his quote “Never Underestimate the Beauty of Sabah”. Like a true Sabahan, Tan enjoys either hiking, trekking or running through the jungles of Borneo. But don’t worry, he won’t be running away during tours and is ever-ready to deliver impeccable services to our guests!