Pulau Tiga Sabah

Pulau Tiga

About Pulau Tiga

Dubbed ‘Survivor Island’ after having been the featured location in the popular Reality TV series, Survivor, Pulau Tiga first gained prominence in the 1980s when a mud volcano eruption caused small chain of islets.

Pulau Tiga, literally means 'three islands' in Malay, is surrounded by the pristine South China Sea. Although Pulau Tiga no longer dabbles in show business, its name is no stranger to travellers from all walks of life who enjoy a weekend getaway in the isolated bliss Pulau Tiga has to offer. Picturesque sceneries of the vast ocean, white sandy beaches to sink your toes in, and a therapeutic soak in the mud pools will be a sure way to ease away tension and churn out a couple of laughs within your party. If you are seeking adventure, you can also opt for a short hike in the jungle, visit the nearby snake island for some wildlife sightings or camp in the wildness!

Accommodation in Pulau Tiga

With two resorts on the island, it’ll be a shame to not spend at least one night in either Pulau Tiga Resort or Borneo Eagle Resort to relish the natural facilities available at your disposal to fulfil a tropical island getaway such as swimming, snorkelling or kayaking. Divers can also fill up their dive logs as Borneo’s underwater treasure troves offers much for the senses among aquatic wildlife.

Who is it for?

The tropical landscape of Pulau Tiga boasts as the perfect location for a family outing, getaway with friends, or a romantic escapade with a loved one. Visitors going to Pulau Tiga may choose between day trips or overnight packages in one of the resorts.

How to get here?

Located in the district of Kuala Penyu, West Coast of Sabah, the drive itself takes about 2 hours to reach the jetty of Pulau Tiga, 103 km from Kota Kinabau city. The boat transfer to the Pulau Tiga Island takes another 40 minutes as the island is located 16 km from the jetty.

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