Kudat - Tip of Borneo Sabah

Kudat - Tip of Borneo

About Kudat – Tip of Borneo

When you hear the word ‘tropical’, it’s easy to picture a youthful day in the sun as you bake yourself in a sun-kissed glow and hop from one island to another. Well, Kudat may just bring you back to basics with its slow-paced environment.

Known as the first capital of Borneo and a bustling trading post in the 19th century, Kudat has evolved into a chilled town. In the early days, Kudat was only accessible by sea until less than 50 years ago, where a road eventually linked Kudat with Kota Kinabalu. Kudat’s isolation in the past has made it kept much of its original charm and tradition of the region, which makes it unique today. Populated mainly by the Rungus ethnic people of Sabah, Kudat is poised at the northernmost tip of Borneo where one is able to literally be in two places at once as the South China Sea and Sulu Sea clash waves at Simpang Mengayau (Tip of Borneo).

Visiting Kudat, you will find a number of Rungus villages where traditional lifestyles and skillfully made handicrafts can be seen. Explore the famous longhouses of Kudat where communal living is a practice by the Rungus ethnic tribe or venture off to nearby islands for snorkelling as Kudat also boats some of the finest beaches in all of Sabah.

Watch as multi-coloured hues engulf the sky at sundown, the twinkling night lights of Mother Nature by night, and bioluminescent light the way during your romantic stroll down the beach.


Kampung Gomizau

Travel 43 km south of Kudat town, get a taste of Kudat honey by visiting the “Honey Bee Village,” where the Rungus community are involved in the production of honey. Watch how the bees are smoked out of their bee hives and the extraction of pure honey. Less than 1 km from Gombizau, lies the village of Sumangkap, which is famous for its gong making. Gongs, the most important musical instrument for the Rungus, are played on all festive occasions. The artisans from the village will be happy to demonstrate their skills on the gong making. They come in various sizes and be sure to get one of the gongs with your customised name or symbol as a souvenir back home.

Rungus Longhouse Accommodation

Want to experience a stay in a traditional Rungus longhouse for a flavour of local life? The longhouses in Kudat offer visitors such experiences. Built out of entirely traditional materials of bamboo, wood & beaten bark, the longhouses offer comfortable twin-bedded bedrooms off a breezy communal verandah, where traditional food is served and a night of cultural performance with dance and music to keep you and your party entertained.

Who is it for?

Choose from a variety of tours in this relaxed-paced environment which may suit the fancy of families, and even serve as the perfect honeymoon destination. Kudat has also become increasingly popular as a location for stargazers.

How to get here?

Journey overland from Kota Kinabalu to Kudat (190 km northeast of Kota Kinabalu) takes approx. 3 hours, driving through rice paddy fields and quaint villages. Alternatively, take a 30 min flight from Kota Kinabalu or 50 mins flight from Sandakan into Kudat, operated by MASwings.

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