There are countless things to do in Sabah which will give a very enjoyable experience to each and every visitor that comes to Sabah.

Adventures & Sports

Adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice with the variety of adventure and sporting activities available in Sabah.

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t mind to dirty your shirt just to have fun and gain experience, why not climb the highest peak between Himalayas and New Guinea – Mount Kinabalu, or bike across dirt tracks in the Danum Valley. For daring souls thriving on extraordinary adventures, go for Kiulu or Padas White Water Rafting. Kiulu River is usually for those beginners and those who would like to experience it for the first time while Padas River is for those who want to experience far greater challenge since it is more adventurous.

Cultural Experiences

As a melting pot of 32 diverse ethnic groups; Sabah is the ultimate destination to experience dense cultural heritage.

Experience a 30 different races of ethnic and culture with 80 different dialects including Kadazan/ Dusun the biggest ethnic group in Sabah, Murut, Rungus, Bajau, and Kadayan. Be spellbound by the graceful traditional dances, vivid ornamental costumes, and be charmed by the exotic cuisines we serve. Visit Mari Mari Cultural village or join the Monsopiad Headhunter’s Tour to learn more about the different tribes and witness the live demonstration huts. For a better opportunity to experience a place in an authentic, comfortable and homely setting, join a homestay programme where you get to eat and sleep in a local’s home. In Sabah, culture vultures will have a blast!


As we plunge into a new millennium scuba diving is well on the way to becoming one of the fastest growing recreational sports enjoyed by both the young and old.

Go for Diving and Snorkeling in a world class diving site. Choose one of the 5 islands located at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park or Pulau Tiga Island where the first “Survivor” television series was shot or Sipadan Island where you will be fascinated by a large variety of soft corals, sea turtles, lobsters, barracudas, beautiful coral fishes and many more. No matter you choose to dive or snorkel, either one will give a great underwater adventure in Sabah crystal clear waters.


Sabah's wealth of natural beauty makes golfing here a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed.

Playing Golf is one of the activities that you can do while staying in Sabah. With a beautiful landscape from the towering mountains and peaceful valleys to calm seas, it will be a scenic backdrop and a terrific experience as you play golf in one of the world class resorts like Nexus, Sutera Harbour or Shangri-la Rasa Ria.

Eco-Nature, Wildlife & Jungle Trekking

Nature adventure aficionados will definitely be enticed by the allure of Sabah’s richly blessed lush virgin jungles and wildlife sightings.

Explore the largest and oldest rainforests in Sabah’s “Maliau Basin” a world virgin jungle or cruise along the famous Kinabatangan River in search of exceptional wildlife and habitats such as native monkeys and elephants, various tropical forests, oxbow lakes and mangrove swamps. Jungle trek along the ox-bow lakes, bird watching and witness the feeding of the orphaned Orang Utans can all be done in Sabah as it is no doubt a favourite destination for wildlife lovers around the world.

Beaches & Islands Getaway

With its combinations of exquisite beaches, magnificent jungles, and wide choices of cafes and restaurants.

Rest, relax and unwind in any of the beautiful white sandy beaches in the resorts around Sabah while enjoying the cool sea breeze. For added excitement, take part in the sporting activities such as sailing, jet skiing, and surfing made available at the resorts. For rejuvenation of the body, soul and mind, indulge in the holistic spa treatments and aromatherapy massages or simply just take a dip in the Jacuzzi.


With the proliferation of shopping malls in Sabah, bargain hunters are now able to cite Kota Kinabalu as one of the wickedest shopping destinations around.

Shopping in Sabah has never been better compared to a decade ago. With many new shopping malls mushroom up in urban and sub urban areas in recent years, locals and tourists are able to fill their shopping bags easily. International brands can be found in major shopping malls as well as food & beverages outlets, pubs and bars are rampant in the city centres. Borneo books, Sabah pearls, local handicrafts and Sabah seafood produce are some of the popular shopping list for you to bring back to your country.


The land of Sabah thrives on unique and picturesque sightseeing destinations that warmly welcome tourists from all around the world.

Sabah currently has six national parks including Mount Kinabalu National Park, which is a must-go for first time visitors to Sabah. There is plethora of things for visitors to feast their eyes on, ranging from national parks to cultural villages, from the Sabah State Museum to war memorials, from places of worship to weekly markets (tamu), there is absolutely something for everyone.

Weddings & Honeymoons

Culture vultures would have to seize the opportunity to witness an ethnic wedding ceremony at least once in a lifetime.

Enticed by the exotic? Have your wedding in a traditional ceremony among the native Sabahans where an intoxicating myriad of cultures and traditions spices it up. For you who love adventure, propose your marriage at the peak of Mount Kinabalu or proclaim your love from under the deep blue sea. Nothing makes the heart throb as much as an enchanting and unique wedding and honeymoon--here in Sabah, we offer you a Cinderella story with a local twist!/p>

Education & Community Projects

A perfect eco-learning environment for educators and students alike as their textbooks come “alive” while they journey through Sabah’s untouched nature.

Help some of the poorest people in Sabah by volunteering alongside the local community in construction work, teaching the orphaned children language skills, or work on environmental conservation projects such as beach clean-up, plantation and reforestation. Besides nurturing your social responsibility and sense of commitment through community involvement projects, you may even have a chance to witness the warmth and generosity, despite obvious hardships, of a rural Sabahan community. This will definitely be one of the best highlights of your Borneo experience!

(Tamu days mean an opportunity to exchange gossip and observe the goings-on between different cultures when they come peacefully to buy and sell)

Tamu in Sabah is a weekly market where local traders gather here to sell their crops and produce. From leafy greens to delicious local cakes, from tapai (rice wine) to jars of bambangan (a wild mango usually pickled) and local handicrafts, vendors proudly display their goods, enticing passers-by with bargains. If you happen to be in Sabah over a weekend, be sure to head down to one of the nearest market located near your hotel to witness the sights, sounds and smell of a local tamu in operation!

Most markets operate as early as 6am in the morning and close by 2pm.


  • Gaya Street Fair – Sunday
  • Kampung Air – Sunday


  • Donggongon – Thursday & Friday


  • Lok Kawi Sabindo – Saturday
  • Bongawan - Saturday


  • Sandakan Town – Sunday
  • Pekan Kinabatangan – Saturday


  • Bandar Tawau – Sunday
  • Pekan Semporna – Sunday


  • Pekan Semporna – Sunday


  • Pekan Tambunam – Wednesday & Sunday


  • Batu 30 – Thursday
  • Simpang Kinabatangan - Thursday
  • Pekan Telupid – Sunday


  • Pekan Kota Belud - Sunday


  • Pekan Kuala Penyu - Tuesday


  • Tamu Merdeka – Wednesday
  • Pekan Kunak – Sunday


  • Pekan Kundasang – Friday
  • Pekan Ranau – Sunday