At Amazing Borneo, it's not just a job, it's a lifestyle! We believe success comes from the fine balance between two opposing forces, work & play, and life in Amazing Borneo is just that. Achieving that balance and cultivating the energetic environment is what enables us, the Amazing Team, to realize our talents and materialize dreams. It's a mutually rewarding experience. We see each other in the office, in the outdoors, and sometimes on the dance-floor too. And we love to admit that we pretty much have an all-star cast filled with talents... Badminton and soccer champs, singers and even dancers.

We value teamwork as we believe it takes every single individual to pull everything together. Building the right team and maintaining the bond helps achieve mutual long-term goals. We put a lot of effort in having engaging team bonding activities frequently. We love getaways, be it luxurious or exotic, like eating live sago worms while we jungle trek. We love getting all glammed up for bizarre themed-parties too. Kayak expeditions, pitching up tents in the rain, adventure lurks in every corner and we are not afraid to explore.

As much as we love the outdoors, we try to bring the fun inside too. We keep fit at our indoor gym facilities, we unwind and relax at the "Zen room"... and when we feel the need to replenish creativity or simply have a caffeine fix, we pay a visit to the high tech espresso machine at our very own cafe.

While we have our light-hearted moments, we also know when to buckle up and get serious about how things are done, to ensure a smooth and memorable travelling experience for our guests. We aim to bring out the best in our people by investing time and money to nurture talents, welcome unconventional ideas, and acknowledge the aptitude of each team player. Learn more about our Philosophy, History and the People behind our products and services.

Life is too short to be doing the things you're not passionate about. Join us now!


Amazing Borneo Office

We embrace Diversity in the workplace. A harmonious workplace is achieved through a great mix of people with different backgrounds and skills. Being comfortable and open with varying point of views creates a big pool of ideas and experiences, the best part is jumping in!


Amazing Borneo Office

One for all, all for one! A strong bond is what glue us all together, through the good or rough days. Everybody has a 'Place at the Table', that depth of relationship inspires creativity and innovation. We function as a family, we work as a team and we party as a troop.


Amazing Borneo Office

Times are changing, and we love keeping up with it! We give technology a great big hug by creating a tech-savvy work-force equipped with high-speed internet, smart phones for employees and an office infrastructure like no other, we dare say.