Mount Trusmadi Sabah

Mount Trusmadi

About Mount Trusmadi (Mt. Trus Madi)

Located just 70 kilometres southeast of Kota Kinabalu city, enthused mountaineers looking for a new challenging climb can rejoice, for Mount Trusmadi will be just the right place to explore! As the second highest natural peak in Malaysia, Mount Trusmadi soars 2,642 metres (8,668 ft) up in a forest reserve spreading across a whopping 184,527 hectares. The surrounding area borders four districts in Sabah – north of Ranau, west of Tambunan, south of Keningau, and east of Sook.

Climbing Mt. Trus Madi can be done in 2 days but a more comfortable climb in 4 days is recommended to allow one to acclimatize to the higher altitude and to fully enjoy the rich biological diversity - the exotic rare plants, orchids, birds and many more, within the Trus Madi Forest Reserve. Although only coming in second after its well-known kin, Mount Kinabalu, climbers have reported it to be a challenging climb in itself – some even saying it’s tougher than Mount Kinabalu, as the trails are steeper and more rugged. One can choose from three trails to conquer the summit; the Wayaan Kaingaran trail from Tambunan (4.9 kilometres), Wayaan Mastan from Keningau (4.3 kilometres), and Wayaan Mannan from Sinua, Sook (11.3 kilometres). All Mt. Trusmadi climbers must be fully guided by forestry personnel or approved and trained local guides. Sabah Forestry Department (SFD) only allows guides and porters who have been trained by them to conduct any climb to Mt. Trusmadi for tourists.

Panoramic views of Mount Kinabalu and the surroundings will render you speechless as you summit at the crack of dawn! Mount Trus Madi had been gazetted as a Class 1 Forest Reserve and many of the floras found in Mount Trus Madi are endemic to the area – making it unique, just like Mount Kinabalu.

Did You Know?

Mount Trus Madi derives its name from the Dusun word “pinotorusan” which means ‘hunting ground’, and the name of the man who used to hunt there – Madi.

Who is it for?

Adventure and thrill seekers who have or have not climbed Mount Kinabalu, and are seeking for an alternative, or simply nature lovers who are interested in widening their encyclopedia. You will have a field day as the area supports an expansive library of Bornean flora & fauna and consists of five distinct sorts of vegetations; lowland mixed dipterocarps, hill mixed dipterocarp forest, lower montane forest, upper montane forest, and summit scrub.

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