Corporate Team Building MICE refers to a specialized niche of group tourism dedicated to planning, booking and facilitating conferences, seminars and other events. We provide business destinations for corporate events, from tailor-made logistical management to location and airport transfers, all to execute a successful event.


Our Team Building activities aims to discover the individual's competitive spirit only up to a point but we believe it is collaboration that actually builds success. Our Team Building strategies offers lesson in collaboration both within teams as well as across teams.

Other than that, our activities also aim at tickling the creative side Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking. Participants are required to think outside the box and challenge the implied rules given.

We love communication break-through too. Our approach on some activities focuses on practising clear communication and developing keys to trust during challenging and confusing times. In addition, all of the participants experience the different roles of leading and following. This allows them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses individually and as a team. This event lets the participants experience the need to be leader and follower.

Our activities unveils the power of each person to influence the success of the team as a whole by working through frustrations and differences of opinions as a way of problem-solving.

Types of Team-Building activities we've done in the past ranges from City Photo Scavenger Hunts using clue-cards and a Polarized Cameras as participants dot through historical sites, Full-day Island Team Building activities and one that required participants to build a boat out of cardboard box, and it must actually float and bring them to the other side of the shore!


We also have corporate training courses to improve leadership qualities within each individual. We however, do not use a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. We prefer chalking out a program that is tailored-fit and customized to best suit your requirements and desired results.