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Bako National Park Day Trip - Amazing Borneo Tours
Bako National Park Day Trip - Amazing Borneo Tours
Bako National Park Day Trip - Amazing Borneo Tours
Bako National Park Day Trip - Amazing Borneo Tours
Bako National Park Day Trip - Amazing Borneo Tours

Travel Period: 01 January 2024 till 31 December 2024


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I have a Group of 2 - 3 Pax
MYR 650
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MYR 589
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Tour highlights

  • Bako National Park 
  • Mangrove Forest
  • Wildlife Exploration
  • Lunch
  • Hotel Pickup / Drop Off


Where do we even begin when it comes to Bako? Though it is one of Sarawak’s smallest National Parks, it is definitely big on beauty. Tucked in the southeast corner of Malaysian Borneo, this 2,727-hectare stretch of primary forest is where every type of vegetation found in Borneo gathers in one place. Bako National Park is within easy reach from the colourful Kuching City. An hour's journey by road takes you to a village nestled by a river, where you hop on a longboat to zip upstream and arrive at your final destination in the most adventurous fashion. Great for day trips but best enjoyed slowly-- something you will soon realize once you see the dramatic rock formations burst into the scene as you are approaching the national park.

Bako welcomes you with seven distinct ecosystems—each with its own flora and fauna. Therefore, trails threading through the splendid pockets of lush rainforests are often full of surprises; wonderful forest walks lead to secluded beaches, and jungle hikes usher you to steep coastal cliffs offering huge vistas overlooking the South China Sea. It also packs dense mangroves, waterfalls, peat swamp forests, mixed dipterocarp forests, heath forests and grasslands. All of which are thrillingly different from the rest of the predominantly flat Sarawak coastline and can be explored by the well-maintained network of nature trails – from easy forest strolls to full-day jungle treks—plenty enough to keep a trekker properly occupied.

However, if it’s not the jungle foliage you’re after, the already intoxicating mix of coastal scenery and teeming rainforests is made even greater with the abundance of wildlife found in the area. As long as you keep your noise down and your eyes peeled, every turn of the head will reveal Bako’s true colours. If you’ve always wanted to see the famed pot-bellied primate of Borneo, you’re at the right place. With approximately 275 rare proboscis monkeys in the area, these fellas can often be spotted swinging between tree branches near the visitor area or lounging with their troupe amidst the dense mangroves.  Another interesting feature in Bako National Park is the biggest resident mammal, often seen wandering around with bearded chins, minding their own business and absolutely unfazed by your presence-- it’s got to be none other than the Bearded Wild Boars of Bako. The very handsome “old world” monkey known as the Silver Leaf Monkey is also prolific in Bako, but these shy creatures will pee on you if they feel threatened. Other common wildlife sightings include flying squirrels, flying lemurs, small-clawed otters, hairy-nosed otters, tarsiers, slow loris, audacious long-tail macaques, mouse deers and resident as well as migratory birds.

Tanjung Sapi
A short but steep climb through cliff vegetation. Takes about 30 minutes. Offers excellent views of Telok Assam, overlooking the South China Sea and Santubong. Proboscis monkeys can sometimes be heard crashing amongst the trees, looking for leaves to feed on, especially early in the morning.

Telok Paku
It is one of the best trails for spotting proboscis monkeys, often seen during early mornings or late afternoons. The trail leads you through a cliff forest before reaching a small secluded beach, perfect for lounging in ultimate serenity.

Ulu Assam
This trail climbs steeply and requires you to hang on to tree roots to keep your balance. But once you reach the top, you are rewarded with mind-blowing views of Bako’s coastline. This adventurous trail takes you first through a swamp forest and then a flat section where proboscis monkeys are sometimes seen.

Telok Delima
An excellent trail for spotting proboscis monkeys, and only a mere 45 minutes from park HQ. Here is where you should keep your eyes peeled and listen out for any possible strange grunting noises or the crash of vegetation. If it is your lucky day, you may see a harem of proboscis monkeys

It is great for seeing the giants of the Bako rainforest. This trail takes about one and a half hours to complete and ends at the park boundary. It is not frequented by trekkers because it is somewhat secluded.

Telok Pandan Kecil & Telok Pandan Besar
One of Bako’s most popular trails. It ascends the lush hills overlooking Telok Assam, reaching a plateau sheltered under scrub vegetation and continues along a sandy path lined with carnivorous pitcher plants. Shortly afterwards, you reach a cliff top and are rewarded with stunning views of the secluded bay below. A 10-minute descent through cliff vegetation ushers you to one of the best beaches in the park. Whilst swimming, watch out for monkeys who steal unguarded bags. The Telok Pandan Besar trail ends at a cliff top with views of the beach below.

The Lintang Trail is yet another popular trek. This trail brings you through nearly all of the vegetation types found in Bako. The section between Ulu Assam and Serait is a good spot to get acquainted with some proboscis monkeys. The Bukit Tambi viewpoint is a short detour off the main trail.

The Tajor Trail passes scrub and padang vegetation and ends with a steep climb down to a small beach. It will also lead you to a refreshing water hole, the Tajor Waterfall. The waterfall is quite small (and best after heavy rain) but has a beautiful jungle setting and a small dip pool. From the park HQ, it takes about two and a half hours to reach the waterfall.

Tanjung Rhu
This trail branches off the Tajor trail and leads you to the rocky Rhu peninsula, a small headland where you can see wave-cut platforms and rock pools. From the park HQ, it takes about two and a half hours. From Tajor junction, it takes 45 minutes.

Ulu Serait
Thread through padang vegetation and swamp forests, connecting the Lintang Trail with the Bukit Gondol hill walk. From Lintang junction to the base of Bukit Gondola is about one and a half hours.

Bukit Gondol
This semi-circular loop trail passes over Bukit Gondol, the highest point in Bako at 2660 meters. The top of the hill offers excellent views of Pulau Lakei and Muara tebas. The loop trek takes about 45 minutes.

Paya Jelutong
This trail is actually a shortcut for those who do not wish to climb Bukit Gondol. Although it is a very short trail, it offers the opportunity to see freshwater swamp forests. The most dominant species in the area is Jelutong, a type of softwood used for making pencils.

Bukit Keruing
This trail connects Bukit Gondol with Tajor and passes some mighty rainforest giants. It passes along the slopes of Bukit Keruing, the second-highest point in Bako. From Paya Jelutong to the Tajor Waterfall, it takes about one and a half hours.

Telok Sibur
A full-day trek. From the park HQ, it takes about three and a half hours to reach the end of the Telok Sibur Trail, first following the Tajor Trail to the waterfall. Continue along the main trail for another 45 minutes until you reach a junction and the start of the Sibur trail. After a very steep 45-minute descent, a walk through the mangrove and a wade across a river, you finally reach the longest beach in Bako.

Telok Limau
This long-distance trail takes you six to seven hours from the park HQ to the small beach at Telok Limau. You pass through rich rainforest, scrubland, and swamp forest, cross small streams, and climb several hilly sections, affording excellent views of the entire Muara Tebas peninsula. You can camp at Telok Limau and return the next day or arrange a boat to pick you up.

Telok Keruin
Being so far from the park HQ, the Telok Keruin trail is rarely used. It is usually done as a side trek from Telok Limau. From Telok Limau, the first section is a 15-20 minute climb through the forest until you reach a scrub section. You must then trek for another 25 minutes before you reach the Telok Keruin trail. Shortly after the junction, the trail descends to an area of scrub vegetation. Look out for pitcher plants that line the side of the trail. There are four short side-trails which lead to the Bukit Keruin lookout, a small rock pool, the Muara Tebas lookout point, and the Tanjung Keruin and Tanjung Po viewpoints. The last section of the trail is a very steep descent to a mangrove forest.  The trail then continues through the mangroves. Look out for the marks on the trees which show the way to the deserted beach – one of the best in the park.

Pulau Lakei
This small island has a superb white sand beach. The National Park has a small guard house located on the island. Trips to the island can be arranged with your boatman. There are some mysterious rock paintings just a short walk from the beach.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Bako National Park Tour

Nature lovers, behold. Today, your journey to Sarawak’s oldest national park consists of 2 awesome parts.

First, a scenic 45-minute drive to Bako Fishing Village. Second, hop on a 30-minute boat cruise along the coast and the cooling sea breeze to reach Bako National Park. One important note: as you are on the boat cruising through the wild, keep your arms inside the boat at all times as you will cruise by plants covered fully in thorns.

Arrive at Bako National Park, register and head to the Park’s Information Centre to get all the details you need. Get straight on some trails through the mangrove forests, and keep an eye out for mud skippers darting across the waters and bright blue fiddler crabs with their giant pinchers.

Keep a keen eye on your wildlife sightings! Shimmy down the trails and spot Proboscis Monkeys, Bearded pigs, silver leaf monkeys and other Borneo primates.


Meals 01 Lunch
Includes Hotel Pickup & Drop off, Land Transportation (Seat-In-Coach), Return Boat Ride, Meals as Stated, English Speaking Guide, Entrance Fees to Bako National Park
Excludes Beverages, Any Items Not Mentioned
  • Comfortable walking shoe
  • Clothing and towels
  • Raincoat or umbrella
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun hat
  • Drinking water
  • The animals in the park are wild and therefore, there is no guarantee that you will see them
  • Schedule may depend on tide.
  • Recommended minimum age for child is 6 years old
  • Departure time is approximate and varies from different hotels due to traffic conditions, please reconfirm with our staffs. Should the transport be delayed, please call the relevant telephone number as stated on the voucher before making alternative arrangements.
  • Amazing Borneo Tours reserves the right to alter routes, timetables, itineraries and accommodation reserved should conditions beyond our control render it necessary.
  • Tipping is like giving a hug. Although it’s never expected, it’s always very much appreciated.

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