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From steamy jungles to the tranquil underwater world and not forgetting the lush rainforest trailing the way up lofty mountains, Sabah and Sarawak will speak to your sense of Wanderlust in more ways than one. With a well chalk-out itinerary, the medley of natural and cultural attractions can be enjoyed to the fullest. That’s where we step in.


Sabah on a shoestring budget

Our daily local tours are the perfect way to get acquainted with the highlights of Sabah. Ranging from full day expeditions to half-day sightsees, from wildlife to island, our daily tours will keep you covered on the wonderfully scenic, beautifully strange and marvelously rare.


Explore the land of the hornbills

Discover the wonders of Sarawak through its mystical limestone caves, vibrant rainforests and engaging culture. Be awe-inspired by Sarawak’s natural delights, there’s something absolutely for everyone!


Conquer Majestic Mount Kinabalu

Get on one of the world’s most accessible and spectacular mountains in the world, Mount Kinabalu. Marvel at the crack of dawn, 4.095 meters high above the clouds and perhaps take adventure to whole new level by getting on the World’s Highest Via Ferrata?


Discover & Upclose with Nature

Enter the aisles of tantalizing wildlife wonders. Experience the natural world and all that thrives in it, Orang Utans, pot-belly Proboscis Monkeys, Pygmy Elephants… precious turtle hatchings racing towards the sea. It’s a great big world out there, don’t miss out.


Follow the motion of the ocean!

Bask in warm glow of the Bornean sun as you surf the waves and delve into the depths of the great azure South China Sea. Get your sunscreen and sunnies ready as things are going to get hot -- scorching hot!


Learn to build your team for success

Team building is a group process intervention aimed at improving interpersonal relations and social interactions. Over time, this has developed to include achieving results, meeting goals and accomplishing tasks. Let us help you build a successful team!


One Dream, Endless Adventure.


Amazing Borneo Team is an unbeatable mix of fun-loving and responsible professionals in our field of arena who simply wants to bring the very best essence of Sabah to the rest of the world



Meet & Climb Together!

A great opportunity for solo travelers and small groups to experience Mount Kinabalu with new international friends!


Best Sutera Harbour Online Rate

Enjoy the cheapest online rate for your stay at Sutera Harbour Resort!


SeaTango Sunset Cruise

Cruise into the sunset overlooking the romantic backdrop of Gaya Island.


7D6N North Borneo Express

Explore the best of North Borneo with the 7D6N North Borneo Express tour package.


Why Travel With Us

Amazing Borneo comes from a great mix of avid thrill-seekers, adrenaline-junkies, beach-bums and city slickers with one aim, to broaden your outlook on travel and to give you not just ‘tour’, but a fresh and personalized experience, be it the budget traveler or luxury getaways… we throw in all the elements of adventure, culture, discovery into one awesome itinerary.

Tailor Made Experience

See, taste, feel and marvel at the hidden and celebrated charms of Borneo. We, at Amazing Borneo Tours, know each experience is unique. We pave the way for dream vacations to happen by first knowing who you are. In favor of your interests, travel budget, health conditions and level of tour activity, we plan to perfection your tours to give value for both your time and money.

Safety First

Travel with us and rest assured that you'll receive the best of care. We have the right connections to maintain the safety and security of our operating standards. From local police and national security forces to governmental agencies, we are well prepared to handle travel snags that may occur. Our tourist guides are certified CPR and First Aid Responders, and they are well versed in emergency regulations.

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Mount Kinabalu's Kota Belud Trail Completed

Mount Kinabalu's Kota Belud Trail Completed

The construction on Mount Kinabalu’s Kota Belud trail is now completed. This alternative trail branches out from Gunting Lagadan Hut and ends at Sayat-Sayat check-point, which is the last check point throughout the 8km climb to Low’s Peak summit. However, the Kota Belud will only be utilized as an escape route solely for emergency purposes, for example, during an earthquake or other natural disasters beyond control.

Mount Kinabalu's Kota Belud Trail Completed
Top 5 Jungle Trails in Sabah

Top 5 Jungle Trails in Sabah

The Borneo rainforest is estimated to be an amazing 130 million years old, even older than the Amazon rainforest is presumed to be. In one 25 acre section of Bornean forest there has been 750 different species of trees recorded compared to only 700 species in the whole of North America. And with over 1600 known species of animals, birds, amphibians and reptiles it is little wonder people flock here from all over the world to experience this unique Eden-like paradise. It is a shame that with over 80% of Malaysia’s forests already cut down and replaced with oil palm, most of the countless undiscovered species here are being forced into extinction faster than we can identify them. Supporting Sabah tourism and visiting these jungle trails is a great way to make sure these areas remain protected and keep poachers and illegal loggers out.

Top 5 Jungle Trails in Sabah
The Scuba Tiger X-Perience

The Scuba Tiger X-Perience

Welcome to Scuba Tiger, your gateway to all the splendorous dive sites of Sipadan, Mataking, Mabul, Kapalai, Mantabuan , Bohey Dulang and Timba-Timba. Straddling both the Celebes Sea and mainland Semporna, Scuba Tiger is your one-stop beach resort that’s as manicured as it is naturally stunning, offering adventure and all the exotic trappings of restorative serenity.

The Scuba Tiger X-Perience
Life Lessons from Scuba Diving

Life Lessons from Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an eye-opening sport that reveals so much about the underwater world as a whole new frontier. At the same time, it also offers allegorical lessons that can be applied to our everyday life. Here are the list of things that you may learn and observe from a trip underwater.

Life Lessons from Scuba Diving
Love Sabah? Be a responsible eco traveler!

Love Sabah? Be a responsible eco traveler!

To love Sabah is to explore Sabah, whilst preserving her beauty. Be a part of the growing eco-traveling revolution and do your bit to make Sabah a greener, cleaner place to be enjoyed by generations to come!

Love Sabah? Be a responsible eco traveler!
The Timugon Murut People of Sabah

The Timugon Murut People of Sabah

The Timugon Murut people reside in a small, well-defined area in the Tenom Valley. Spanning about 20 miles from north to south, over half of the Timugon villages are situated on the western side of the Pegalan River, which runs south in the valley and some villages on its eastern banks. The remaining population live on the eastern side of the Padas River, which flows from the south.

The Timugon Murut People of Sabah