I am so proud that our local tour operators have reached such excellent standard

Thank you so much for organizing my mount kinabalu hike. You have made it hassle free with your prompt response and professional advise to every query or concern I had. I am so proud that our local tour operators have reached such excellent standard.


Belle picked us up from the hotel and transported us to our respective accommodation at kinabalu park/kundasang. Pine Hotel was wonderfully quiet which was what i needed after a weekend of merry making with my friends.Belle, the tour guide was informative and precise with her instructions.


Judith, I cant thank you enough for Ananias (Nias) the mountain guide assigned to me. He is God sent! My fears were allayed when i saw him. His physique and quiet confidence gave me the assurance that I was in good hands. [ I may be wrong here, The small sized mountain guides are pretty strong i was given to understand]. Nias has a friendly disposition but does not get overly familiar with me and treated me with utmost respect. He suited me just fine. Talked to me when necessary, left me to walk where i felt more comfortable, stopped at whichever hut i wanted but at all times he was keeping tab of the time. All I told him was, this is my life journey and i will go as far as my body allows me to and God wills me to. No pressure and no expectation. 


Being aware of my pace and concerns, he even suggested I start queuing up early for the summit ascend to have a head start. Nias helped me so much in that he advised me on my attire for the summit acsend to suit the beautiful weather that wee hours of the morning. At some uneven paths, he even held my hand so that i would not fall. When I was nearing the peak and wanted to throw in the towel, he encouraged me.With that in mind, he guided me to Low's peak!! I think he was more determined than I to want me reach the summit.


I am truly impressed with his confidence and leadership quality [ I am not an easy person to deal with especially after 29 years in legal practice. For someone to be able to manage me over the two days, he has done very well, much to the surprise of my friends]. In my line of my work I have met and managed many young men and women his age and he is mature beyond his age with potential to move forward and upwards given the right opportunities and training. He is an asset to your company and I do hope such talent will be put to good use.


I sang praises of Amazing Borneo to my friends and family when I got home unscratched. Even the taxi driver that sent me to the airport was amazing. The services i received from Amazing Borneo was worth much more than the money I had spent. Keep up the great work and stay amazing!!!!

I am so proud that our local tour operators have reached such excellent standard

Sophie Chew, Malaysian

12 June 2016

I just wanted to say thanks

Hi Amazing Borneo,

I just wanted to say thanks for the great climb November 7-8th and also wanted to shout out to Rony, my awesome guide. He was informative, encouraging, attentive and helpful, and take great pictures too. Here he is with a giant rhododendron, and one he took of me. Please pass them along with my thanks snd gratitude, as I was not able to find him after our post-descent lunch and before departing to thank him in person.

Cheers and thanks again for the great climb!



I just wanted to say thanks

Stephanie Crane, USA

07 November 2016

Thank you for the fantastic climb

Dear Amazing Borneo Tours,

Thank you for the fantastic climb we had with my group last Aug 25-27, just a few days ago. We really enjoyed the climb, though not all of us reached the summit. But it was really fun. And the three of us (out of 5) even managed to finish the Walk the Torq as included in our package. We also managed to take home the beautiful certificates you have awarded us. Thanks again!


Thank you for the fantastic climb

Teddy, Michael, Patricia, Jonathan, Sitti & Charlemagne, Philippines

25 - 27 August 2016

어메이징 보르네오 투어, 제 인생 최고의 여행사입니다!!

현지 여행사는 저렴하며 투어에 대한 이해도, 친절함 무엇하다 국내 여행사와 비교 안될 정도로 최고였습니다!! 지금까지 많은 해외여행을 다녀봤지만, 모든 직원들이 친절하고 편의를 봐주는 곳은 없던 것 같습니다. 예약 당시에도 철저한 직원 마인드 교육, 위생, 친절 등에 대해서 교육한다고 믿으라고 해서 반신반의 했지만...동남아시아 답지 않은...정말 최고의 마인드였습니다. 국내 여행사 포함 가장 믿음직스러웠고, 좋았습니다. 제 인생 최고의 여행사입니다!!!
단점이라면 한국어가 안된다는 건데, 저 같은 경우 영어가 거의 안되는 초짜인데...마지막 날에 간 마리마리 투어를 제외하고는 나름 알아듣고 대화하는데 아무 문제 없었습니다^^

하지만 어메이징 보르네오 가이드들은 하나 같이 어메이징 보르네오라는 옷을 입고 친절하면서 요청 등에 모든 것에 대한 오픈 마인드가 최고였습니다. 한국 가이드들이 강요하는 쇼핑코스도 없으며!!!뭐 사라 뭐 좋다 없으니가 너무 편하고 좋았습니다. 거기다가 원래 호텔에 내려야 되지만, 죄송하지만 어디 쇼핑몰에 내려달라고 하면 웬만해서는 ok 해주시고 왜 그러냐고 물어 본 다음에 무엇 무엇때문에 갈려고 한다고 하면 거기보다는 여기가 좋다 등의 정보를 주며 데려다주고 했습니다.

가격도!! 일반 한국 여행사에 비해 저렴하며 훨씬 질은 훨씬~~~좋습니다!! 특히나 홈페이지 정찰제로써 평등하기 때문에 누구는 얼마에 예약해서 기분 나쁘고 그런게 없습니다^^

패키지가 아닌 항공권을 따로 알아봐서 간다면!! 저라면 어메이징 보르네오 추천합니다!!!!!
특히 가이드는 아니지만 현지에서 예약해주는 한국인 어메이징 보르네오 팀장님이 계시니 예약도 어렵지 않습니다~홈페이지에서 예약한 내용 등도 볼 수 있어서 믿음직 합니다.

어메이징 보르네오 투어, 제 인생 최고의 여행사입니다!!

Park Jae Pil, Korea

8-12 July 2016

Amazing Borneo never fails to provide me with amazing assistance

I am very pleased with the prompt email replies from Carol. The trip was very well organised. I had enough help and assistance from Amazing Borneo. Despite making a last minute booking for the trip as I could not confirm the dates that I could leave, Amazing Borneo never fails to provide me with amazing assistance from the booking of the lodging area, guides as well as the hotels. Clear, step by step instructions were provided as well. Thank you so much for all your help. A special thanks for Carol. God bless:) 

Amazing Borneo never fails to provide me with amazing assistance

Nicole Liang, Singaporean

16 June 2016

Thank you for the experience

Firstly, Erica was a BIG help throughout this whole process. She was very informative to a couple of clueless tourist and gave clear instructions for payment and was very nice and helpful. 


We had a wonderful time and it was really the highlight of our time in KK. We got the opportunity to spend time learning how to tap rubber trees, photograph some water buffaloes and learn a bit more about Sabah culture and cuisine through locals. The view was breathtaking, there was mist everywhere and not a development in sight which was my kind of scene. The highlight of it all though was definitely the river; being in any body of water makes me happy but this one definitely cracked my personal top10. The water was freezing and the 360 scenery just made everything seem extremely surreal. We were well taken care of by our impressively fit guide, Selvester. He was very friendly and definitely contributed towards our whole experience. At the end of it all, we were left with great memories and were satisfied with our experience but still hungry for more. If we ever come back and decide to do another tour, we'd definitely go through this company again for the Tuaran tour. 

Thank you for the experience

Lara Faizal, Malaysian

20 June 2016

Their reply was prompt and all instructions was clear

First and foremost, i would like to say that your team was professional. Their reply was prompt and all instructions was clear. I have no troubles in booking this trip. Your staff was very patience with me.

On the day itself, your staff was punctual to fetch me from my hostel. All instructions was clear before the start of the hike. It stated that we start our hike at 9am but instead we start at 0830 as im sure our paperwork was done smoothly and your punctuality of your staffs. My guide also was very friendly and patience with me.

Overall I would rate 10/10. I would definitely recommend your company to others if they were to hike at Mount kinabalu.

Their reply was prompt and all instructions was clear

Muhammad Aizad, Singaporean

28 May 2016

Truly satisfied with their service during the climb

The entire trip with Amazing Borneo was wonderful! Everything was just perfect. The team are really professional. Transport, hostel and food as well were all well arranged. Kudos to the guides, Joseph and Alex who are really professional, cheerful and funny. Truly satisfied with their service during the climb. :)

Truly satisfied with their service during the climb

Jessi Ng, Malaysian

05 June 2016

I hope i get the opportunity to use your company again in the future

I have recovered well from the climb and am totally inspired to climb one mountain every year. Any suggestions on which should be the next mountain to climb? 


I absolutely loved the entire process of booking my climb and executing it with Amazing Borneo. Right from the start, the staff have been very very helpful and efficient. 


The entire process was without flaw and I faced no inconvenience whatsoever. Everything went as per schedule and I was very satisfied. 


Special mention for my guide, Ronnie. He was the best. His communication, motivation, interpersonal skills, they were all very impressive. I could not have asked for a better guide. He made my climb to the summit and back down easy and enjoyable. 


Kinabalu has been a life changing experience for me and has made me realise that nothing is impossible.  I will highly recommend your company to all prospective climbers. 


Well done! Thank you. I hope i get the opportunity to use your company again in the future.

I hope i get the opportunity to use your company again in the future

Aliya Khan

Everything was just perfect

My entire trip with Amazing Borneo was just wonderful I got beautiful memories for the rest of my life! Everything was just perfect. Your team are really professional and it was more that my expectations. The transport, the hostel for the night, the food and of course the guide was exceptional. I recommend Amazing Borneo to all my friends who want to climb the Mount Kinabalu. Big thank you to my guide Pius Koungging he was really professional, friendly and funny. Amazing adventure with Amazing Borneo. 


Ps. First Mountain but not the last one ;) 

Everything was just perfect

Stephanie Sheedy , Canada

25 May 2016