Welcome to the heart of Borneo, where the lush rainforest, winding rivers, and mystical caves converge to create an unforgettable nature escape. Tag along as I share the exhilarating journey of a 4-day, 3-night expedition through the breathtaking landscapes of Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak. 


Day 1: Arrival and Cave Exploration 

The journey began with a warm welcome at Mulu Airport, where I was whisked away to the luxurious 5-star Mulu Marriott Resort. After settling in, I met my local guide in the late afternoon and together we ventured into the mesmerising Mulu Show Caves, walking across a plank to get to the Deer and Lang Caves. 

The highlight of it all? Witnessing the awe-inspiring bat exodus where bats emerge from the cave entrance – a surreal spectacle that marked the end of an incredible first day and the start of more exciting ones to come!

Day 2: From Batu Bungan to Base Camp 5 

I rose bright and early the next day, in spirited anticipation of the day’s activities. After enjoying a hearty breakfast, I checked out of the resort and hopped onto a longboat to Batu Bungan, a Penan settlement that offered a glimpse into the local culture. 

The day then unfolded with another visit to the Show Caves, this time to see the majestic Clearwater Cave and the enchanting Cave of the Winds. The entrance to Clearwater Cave is massive and was quite a climb to get there. But it was well worth it as we got to have a lovely lunchtime picnic there, surrounded by the wonders of nature. 

After, we hopped back on our longboat and headed to Kuala Litut. From there, it was a 9-kilometre and three-hour jungle trek to Base Camp 5, where we would settle in for the next two nights. By the time we arrived, I was ready to unwind for the day and rest in the company of nature. 

Day 3: The Pinnacle Ascent 

Our tour guide made us a wholesome breakfast the next morning in preparation for an exciting day at Mulu Pinnacles! Adrenaline junkies will love the Pinnacles as the 2.4-kilometre climb to the Pinnacle Summit is steep, rugged, and includes aluminium ladders and a rope section. We ourselves took about five hours to reach the top. 

Reaching the Pinnacles viewpoint was a triumph, offering a panoramic view of the razor-sharp limestone spikes emerging from the heart of the rainforest. Safety comes first here, and each checkpoint along the way has a cut-off time to ensure your climb is not only enjoyable but also secure. 

Day 4: Return Journey and Farewell to Mulu 

As the trip drew to a close, we retraced our steps, hiking back from Base Camp 5 to Kuala Litut and enjoying our last longboat ride down the Melinau River. The journey back to Mulu Airport was bittersweet as I carried with me invaluable memories and a yearning to return – there truly is no place like Borneo! 

Some Tips and Recommendations 

Before you embark on this epic getaway, here are some things you should know: 

  • Pack light, but pack right!  From leech socks to energy bars, ensure you're prepared for every twist and turn. 
  • Check weather conditions and adhere to safety guidelines, especially during the Pinnacles climb. 
  • Embrace the remote nature of the journey — there's no phone service during certain parts, so take the opportunity to disconnect and immerse yourself in the wilderness. 


The 4D3N trip to Mulu Pinnacles and Show Caves was nothing short of extraordinary. From the heart-pounding climb to the breathtaking cave explorations, every moment was an adventure waiting to unfold. If you're seeking an adrenaline rush coupled with wondrous natural sightings, this is the trip for you. Pack your bags, grab your hiking boots, and get ready to experience the magic of Borneo! 

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