Climbing Mount Kinabalu is more than just hiking and burning muscles. With so much to see and do, it can also be a fun experience! Up your Instagram game with these 18 fun and interesting things to do on your climb up!


1. Pitcher Plants
You're likely to spot the tiny Nepenthes Villosa pitcher plants on your climb up. Keep your eyes open or you might just miss them!


2. Selfie with Squirrels
Sport a snack or two and the friendly Bornean Mountain Ground Squirrel might jump on your shoulder. The perfect time to take a selfie!


3. Send a Postcard
Send your friends and loved ones back home a postcard through Malaysia's highest post box, located at Pendant Hut!


4. Take a Swing
This swing will give you an unparalleled view of the alpine vegetation shrouded in mist. The perfect spot to take a rest, all with a view!


5. Mirroring Yourself
The puddle next to St. John's Peak is a popular photo-taking spot for climbers. When descending, don't forget to take a mirrored photo of your own!


6. Donkey's Ear Peak
The Donkey's Ear Peak is named so because of its resemblance to a donkey's ears and was once a key feature of Mount Kinabalu. After the 2015 earthquake, a large part of the peak collapsed. 


7. The '1 Ringgit' Peak
The South Peak aka Puncak Seringgit is located on the south side of the mountain. Its popularity is due to its feature on the previous MYR 1 note and recently, the MYR 100 note.


8. Take a Toilet Break
If you feel like you gotta go, this will be a sight you'll be glad to see! At 3,668 metres above sea level, the toilet facility at Sayat-Sayat checkpoint is one of the highest in Malaysia.


9. Aki Point Lookout
The Aki Point Lookout is the highlight of the new Ranau Trail. It often goes unnoticed by climbers as the trail is normally climbed in darkness but it can be easily seen during the day. Step onto the lookout and treat yourself to a nice view of the clouds below. 


10. Mountain Torq - Via Ferrata
Known as the world's highest via ferrata at 3,776 metres above sea level, this activity is not for the faint hearted! There are two routes to choose from: Walk the Torq for beginners and Low's Peak Summit for the experienced.


11. The Ruins of Panar Laban Hut
Panar Laban Hut, alongside Gunting Lagadan Hut, was once the main accommodation for climbers. After the earthquake, both huts suffered severe damage from fallen rocks and were closed ever since. Currently, the area is designated as the starting point for the Kota Belud Trail.


12. Sunrise at 4,095.2 metres
Upon summitting, it'll be hard to miss the sunrise. Witness the sky transition from a celestial navy blue to a stunning golden hue.


13. Kota Belud Trail
Though the Kota Belud Trail is shorter in length, it is more challenging due to its rugged terrain and steeper slopes.


14. Colourful Bonsai
Pass by Villosa Shelter during your ascent and you'll be welcomed by the sight of Bonsai trees!


15. Lying on Granite Surfaces
Recharge yourself and lie on the granite surfaces to gaze up at the Milky Way streaking across the night sky or marvel at the blue skies above.


16. Low's Gully
The 1800 metre deep Low's Gully was once considered to be inaccessible but at present, it has become a sought after spot for mountaineering expeditions.


17. Summit Signage
Despite the fatigue, a photo with the summit signage is a must-do. You did it! You're standing on the highest point in Malaysia, a moment you won't want to forget!


18. Panalaban Signage
Before hiking back to Kinabalu Park, take a photo with the Panalaban signage. Reaching this point is a sign of all your hard work and effort, and seeing this signage is a testament to that.


With this list of things to do and see, add a dose of fun and excitement on your climb up to Mount Kinabalu! And don't forget to check out the video below from!