This year's Kaamatan ushered in another festive year, remembering Kinoingan and his gift of good harvest bestowed upon us. And of course, Kaamatan would not be complete without the Unduk Ngadau pageant!


Held every year, the cultural pageant is always an event everyone looks forward to as it is the event that represents Kaamatan the best. Unduk Ngadau pays homage to the benevolent spirit of Huminodun, to remember her selfless sacrifice to save her people from starvation.



On the 29th May 2019, the Sodop Unduk Ngadau saw 64 contestants hailing from districts around Sabah as well as Malaysia coming together to commemorate Huminodun. However, only three were crowned the top 3 winners during the Unduk Ngadau finals on 31st May 2019.


A big congratulations to Francisca Ester Nain of Karambunai, who like her predecessors, will continue to embody the spirit of Huminodun until the next pageant. Her love for the Kadazandusun language shines through and her efforts to promote it to the younger generation through teaching shall serve as an inspiration to us all.


We cannot forget to congratulate runner up Annete Rabecca Januin @ Abdon of Pantai Manis, second runner up Leticia Casianus Bansin of Penampang, as well as to all contestants who participated! They were all outstanding and deserve to be remembered for their hard work and effort.


Kaamatan symbolises forgiveness and restoring harmony back to people and nature, and Unduk Ngadau reflects this relationship in the spirit and sacrifice of Huminodun. We look forward to Kaamatan next year and cannot wait to see what awaits!