Congratulation to the new winner of Mr. Kaamatan ( Buvazoi Tavantang) 2019, Nathaniel Wallace hails from Penampang on 29th of June held at The National Department for Culture and Arts.

Top 3 Mr. Kaamatan winner
(photo by Mr Kaamatan State Level FB page)

The winners followed by the 1st runner up Haffie Tambakau ( Tenom ), Erwin Sylvester ( Kuala Penyu ), Howard M. George ( Tawau), Jason Maththew Guntala ( Keningau ), Ellton Linsayan ( KDCA Pulau Pinang ), and Remeo Junier ( Kapayan ) the 6th runner up for Mr. Kaamatan. Nathaniel managed besting 43 other contestants representing different districts all around Sabah. Sharing the same vision and mission as Unduk Ngadau pageantry, Mr. Kaamatan serves to preserve the unique cultures and traditions of KDMR ( KadazanDusun Murut Rungus ).

During the question and answer session, Nathaniel charmed the judges and crowds by replying fluent Kadazan for both questions. Been raised in a household that practice Kadazan as the main communication language, Nathaniel felt that it's a shame that most of his friends aren't fluent with their own mother tongue.

Top 7 winners donning their traditional costume from respective district
(photo by Mr. Kaamatan State Level FB page)

It's refreshing to see all of the unique and colourful male traditional costume from every district in Sabah and how the native language was heavily used in Mr. Kaamatan grand finale event. Should we preserve and conserve our native language and culture so it won't perish for future generations.

(photo credit to Claymity-Jane Photography)