We departed from Sutera Harbour around 9.30 to go to the first of two Islands – Manukan. As soon as we got there we got our snorkeling equipment and went into the crystal clear water. For me, this was my first time snorkeling. It was really cool, it’s a total different world under the surface. Just beautiful! Among all the fishes we saw, with all kind of colors you can think of, we saw “Nemo” fishes and a puffer fish (not puffing though).

We stayed in the water for about one hour. It is very tiring to be under the water snorkeling. So we got up and bought some refreshments at the store. Then we just hung around in the water until it was time to get on the boat to go to the next island - Sapi Island.

In Sapi, we started with lunch. The best kind - buffet! After that we had 1.5 hours left to do more snorkeling or any other activity we wanted. But since we still were kind of tired we decided to relax in the nicely warm water and working on our tan.

And by the way, in Sapi Island there are these cute wild pigs strolling around sometimes. Not too close to people though and they're not dangerous or aggressive in any way. And there is also monitor lizards - also not aggressive.

We really enjoyed this day and it was just enough long. This Island hopping tour is perfect for you who want to go the islands in the most comfortable way.

Twin Island hopping - Manukan and Sapi