LEMAING HUT (3230M a.s.l.) at Laban Rata, Mount Kinabalu

From avid mountain hikers to outdoor enthusiasts with an average fitness level, the steep scramble through sub-alpine meadows, montane forests and gnarly rugged terrains to ultimately the tallest peak in South East Asia is quite a victory. The pursuit to the top of Mt. Kinabalu however, is broken down into a 2 day climb, where an overnight stay is required at one of the mountain lodges before continuing the journey to the summit.

Besides the already pre-existing mountain lodges available, Lemaing Hut (Lamaing Hut) is a newly built rest-house nestled within the montane forest at 3230m above sea level, designed to cater to the most basic of needs and accommodations before hitting the trails the next morning.

This snug above the clouds is built on wood and provides a dormitory-style settings with shared toilets and shower facilities. The basic bunk beds come with bed sheets, pillows and blankets, and are able to accommodate a maximum of 30 climbers. Towels and sleeping bags are available for rent in this hut. Lemaing Hut’s distance to Laban Rata Resthouse is approximately about 40 metres, which is less than 5 minutes’ walk to the restaurant for your hot meals. Take it easy for a night in the cool mountain breeze in Lemaing Hut, Book now for your Mount Kinabalu Climbing Adventure!

Lemaing Hut (3230M a.s.l.) of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
Exterior View of Newly Built Mountain Hut - Lemaing  Hut

Your accommodation given will be based on run-of-house basis, which simply means the mountain hut given will be decided upon by the accommodation provider, and you will be notified your accommodation or hut type upon confirmation of booking. 

Dormitory Bunk Beds accommodates 28 guests
Non-Heated Rooms with Dormitory Bunk Beds – Sleeps 30 persons