Looking for a nice peaceful day riding around small villages and paddy fields or an intense downhill adrenaline fix? Sabah has a range of different climates and terrain perfect for both. There are regular cycling tours running around Tuaran, Kiulu and Mount Kinabalu. There are grades for those of you who just want a relaxed breeze around some villages to take in the epic rural landscapes framed by palm trees, mountains and big open blue skies, equally, for those of you who have that itch to go faster there are some more high gear trips available that are definitely not for the faint of heart. How fast can you go over the perilously steep, muddy downhill jungle and mountain tracks of Sabah?


Tuaran is probably your best bet for a nice chilled ride having mostly lowland terrain, villages and farmsteads. As you pass through paddy fields and cross over rivers, take in the local culture as you pass the locals working on their land and going about their business, water bufflaos wallow around in the mud and ponds and if you’re blessed with a clear day then a great view of the awesome Mount Kinabalu.


Depending what tour you book, Kiulu has a bit more grit to it if you are looking for an adrenaline fix. It sports the same epic views but more rough terrain and steeper climbs and descents. You will pass through some villages on your way to climb your first hill, I almost passed out here within the first hour but as you gain some altitude it gets cooler and the hills begin to roll up and down. Now it’s time for some action! Depending on the level you choose with your guide there are many trails down through the jungle to get back to the pickup point. Nice tarmac road gives way to serious twisty downhill trail with mud, gravel, pot holes and ice cold streams to test your mettle!