I was picked up at 2pm for the wildlife river cruise adventure at Kawa-Kawa by the tour bus, hopeful to see the proboscis monkeys. The guide, Tim, told us the drive is approximately 2 hours to where we would get on the boat. On the way I was enlighten with the view of the country side of Sabah. Cows and dogs running loose along the road is definitely something you won't see in Sweden, where I'm from. We arrived to the house from where the boat would depart and we had some Hi-tea and other refreshments like fruit and local sweeteners. Ready with my camera I got my lifejacket and got on the boat. We cruised along the river close to the trees to get a view of the Proboscis monkeys but sadly we didn't see any. Tim did tell us that we might not see the monkeys because of the heat. He said that when the sun is too hot, they hide under the branches and leaves to cool off. We went the other direction to walk along the beach by the end of the river, in perfect timing to see the sun go down by the horizon of the ocean. Our guide was optimistic about seeing monkeys on our way back to the house. And so we did! As the sun went down the Proboscis monkeys came further out from the tree trunk and branches and I got to see 5-6 of them playing in the trees. First time I ever saw monkeys outside from the zoo. It was really cool.

"The Little Kinabatangan" - Wildlife & Fireflies River Cruise

We got back to the house around 6pm for dinner. We left the river and went to another place to see fireflies. On Amazing Borneo's website they describe it as "Christmas light" and now I understand why. Thousands of small dots lighted up in the trees looking like stars in the sky. Beautiful!