It was the first time I was trying river rafting and since I'm not a big fan of water sports, the first level suited me just fine. The location to where we got started is about 1.5 hours away from Kinabalu City. We were 5 people and one guide in each boat. Before we started we got security information e.g how to act if we fell into the water. After just 100 meters our guide told us to jump in the (surprisingly cold) water to get the hang of it. We proceeded along the river and the waves were small but much streamed. At one point our guide told us to jump in the water and just float along with the stream. We had to be careful because some of the rocks are very close to the surface. Later on, we parked the boat and got the chance to ride with the waves without it once again. We also got to swim in the nicely cooling water by the end of the tour if we wanted to and it was really nice. When the tour was finished, we washed up and changed clothes before we had local dinner. Nice rafting, but if you are the more adventures type when it comes to water, I would suggest you move up a grade or two.

River Rafting on the Kiulu River, Grade 1-2