Over the past 24 hours, our team has been receiving screenshots of WhatsApp conversations that confirm the authenticity of these scam messages. In response to this alarming situation, we find it imperative to bring this matter to the public's attention. It's crucial to emphasize that the WhatsApp conversations depicted in the screenshots below are not the messages sent by Amazing Borneo Tours and Events Sdn. Bhd.  


Here are the unauthorized, fraudulent phone numbers to be cautious of: 
+6011 2737 8486
+6018 227 9084
+6011 6198 8953 
+6011 2166 7535
+6010 209 0452
+6011 6436 9427
+6011 6450 1051
+6011 2879 8762

At Amazing Borneo, we uphold strict communication standards. Official interactions with our clients and partners are exclusively conducted through our official email accounts after an initial WhatsApp contact has been established. We strongly urge our community members to report and block these fraudulent numbers on WhatsApp to enable the platform to flag them effectively. It's important to note that we would never request individuals to participate in paid surveys, nor would we endorse the download of third-party apps for payment purposes.  

Tips to Protect Yourself from Scammers: 

 1. Verify Authenticity: Always cross-check the contact information provided by verifying our official website or social media channels. Our legitimate contact details, such as office addresses, phone numbers, and emails, are readily available for your reference. If you have any doubts or come across similar conversations as depicted in the screenshots, do not hesitate to contact us for verification.  

2. Secure Payment Methods: When making payments for tour services, it's vital to use secure channels. Legitimate tour companies like Amazing Borneo Tours & Events Sdn. Bhd. offer secure payment options. Avoid transferring funds to personal bank accounts; all payments should be directed to the company's official bank account, which should match the registered company name. 

At Amazing Borneo, we work closely with official tourism boards and other stakeholders to combat the rising tide of scammers attempting to exploit the trust our clients place in us. Thank you for your unwavering support in safeguarding the authenticity and reputation that define Amazing Borneo. Together, we can stay vigilant and ensure that our Sabah and Sarawak travel experiences remain safe, secure, and memorable.