What a time to travel again! 

Amazing Borneo was given a shoutout on The Star (“Why it's fun to holiday in Kota Kinabalu: From the mountain to the sea”) recently, where they gave a sneak preview of North Borneo Cruises’ Sunset Dinner Cruise. 

Speaking on her North Borneo Cruises experience, author Andrea Filmer said that “the stunning views of pale yellow, white and glowing orange set on a spectrum of blue beckons us outside again to lean on the rails and take in the glorious South China Sea sunset”. We could not have said it better ourselves!  

Not only that, but she also visited Klias for the river cruise and TARP for a fun day out snorkelling and island hopping!  

If you want to experience the tours yourself, check out the links below: 

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Photo credit: The Star / Andrea Filmer