The trekking started from the Kampung Kiau village. It took our group 1.5 hours to get to the camp. If I was to compare this trekking with the fast track on the mountain, this is a piece of cake. But for the others guest who were joining, it was a bit harder because they just had finished the climb to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu the day before. Their legs were very sore. But anyhow, the trek was nice and the view was beautiful. At some parts it was very steep! So I always had to be alert in where to put my feet. Along the way the guides showed us some plants that are edible and which ones that are filled with poison. When we got to the camp we had lunch. Unluckily, it started to rain heavily so we couldn't really do anything for about 2 hours.

Borneo Jungle Trekking - "Survival Camp"

Finally when it stopped, one of the guides showed us how they use bamboo to build lodges and how to cut and braid palm rattan.

We also got to help out with dinner; we washed the rise and cut the pork. After dinner we went out into the jungle for a night trail. But I was a bit disappointed because we didn't see any animals (only some fireflies). But it was a new experience, walking around in the jungle in the dark with our torch lights. Actually I thought it was a little scary. We got back safe and sound and had some tea before we went to sleep.

Borneo Jungle Trekking - "Survival Camp"

The next morning after breakfast we headed back the same way we came. The weather was much better that day so we could see the summit of the mountain.

My honest opinion about this tour is that it might be more for families with children. But on the other hand, I'm not the "jungle type" of person. But I see it as I am now another experience richer.