The 2nd of April 2019 saw the witnessing of the official launch of, a B2B2C digital travel booking platform. The launch event was a grand affair as over 250 local tourism players attended, eager to learn more about and how it can help to boost their businesses.

The event started with attendees heading towards the registration booth to scan their QR codes and receive their lanyards and folders from the friendly and helpful crew. 

After registering and with 30 minutes to spare before the start of the event, it was a good time for attendees to mingle and strike up conversations with other players of the tourism industry.

Once the attendees, VIPs, and Guest of Honour have been comfortably seated inside the grand ballroom, the event proceeded with CEO and Founder, Kenji Yeo, giving a brief and informative overview to the platform. This provided a good start before the following three speakers – Wendy Wang, Lynn Tiang, and Dane Kovacs - took the stage respectively to explain further on key and innovative features of the platform.

Wendy Wang, who is Technology Platform Director of, demonstrated to attendees the three main key features of Lynn Tiang, COO and Marketing Director, explained how can help vendors on the aspect of digital marketing. Dane Kovacs, also known as Orang Putih Kita and brand ambassador of, gave a presentation on community tourism, its challenges within Sabah and how the platform can help to support small local and medium businesses.

CEO and Founder, Kenji Yeo

Technology Platform Director, Wendy Wang

COO and Marketing Director, Lynn Tiang

Brand Ambassador, Dane Kovacs (aka Orang Putih Kita)

During the presentations, the attendees were all ears and their eyes were glued to the LED screen! Some were seen taking pictures for future reference and some were even rigorously taking notes, showing their curiosity and interest to know more.

After the presentations, Puan Suzaini Ghani, the General Manager of Sabah Tourism Board and also the Guest of Honour, took the stage and presented her speech. Overall, she was all praises for and found the platform important in promoting Sabah as one of Malaysia’s top tourism destination. 

Puan Suzaini Ghani, General Manager of Sabah Tourism Board and Guest of Honour

The officiation ceremony was a grand spectacle! Once all the VIPs were invited up on stage for the ribbon cutting, Puan Suzaini Ghani was invited to touch the top of the robot’s (aka Sanbot’s) head to start the countdown. With party poppers and confetti raining down onto the stage, was officially launched!

After the main event, attendees were all smiles as they made their way to the Pavilion to collect their gifts. They also had the opportunity to ask further questions about the platform from the team and network around in the pavilion.

Kenji Yeo and Lynn Tiang demonstrating the Intelli-Signage to the VIPs

Puan Suzaini Ghani in conversation with 2 fellow attendees

Guests were also treated to a hearty and delicious lunch at the resort's cafe, Café Tatu, before their long journey back home.

All in all, the Official Launch Event was a success and with so much support and interest pouring in from the attendees, we know that the platform will soar to great heights!