To our valued clients and partners,

Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Sabah State Government has decided to temporarily suspend all scheduled and chartered flights from China to Sabah with immediate effect until further notice. The travel ban is made in the interest of the welfare of the community. At Amazing Borneo, we will be doing our part to ensure the health and safety of our guests and partners are not compromised. To curb the spread of the virus, we are implementing the following precautionary measures. 


  1. Temporary Withholding of Passengers Who Have Visited or Resided In PRC in the Last 14 Days 
    ABT will temporary withhold passengers who visited or resided in People’s Republic of China in the last 14 days to join our tours with immediate effect. Passengers may be required to declare their travel history. We strongly encourage such travellers to practice home quarantine for 2 weeks for the safety of the general public.
  2. Temperature Taking Before Boarding Tourist Vehicles
    ABT tourist guides or bus captains will be actively taking temperature of passengers before boarding our tourist vehicles. Any individuals who are having fever (≥38℃) will be respectfully denied from joining the tours. Any individuals who are unwell and experiencing flu-like or respiratory symptoms will be offered the option of postponing their tours to a later date with no charges.
  3. Availability of Surgical Masks
    Surgical masks will be distributed to guests who are unwell or showing flu-like symptoms. Masks will be limited to 1 unit per person.
  4. Thorough Disinfecting of Tourist Vehicles
    ABT crew will disinfect all tourist vehicles thoroughly before the start and at the end of each tour daily. ABT crew will ensure good personal hygiene habits at all times.
  5. Keeping Informed of Latest Health Advisories & Updates
    ABT will closely monitor Wuhan virus-related developments and follow travel and health advisories by World Health Organisation (WHO). 

The instated procedures will be reviewed and updated from time to time until the epidemic is under control.

Even with protective measures in place, passengers are ultimately responsible for their own health and safety, as well as that of their friends and loved ones. We do encourage all passengers to monitor the travel warnings and health advice from their governments as well. 

Kind regards,
Amazing Borneo Tours

Released on 30 January 2020 | 18:00 (+8 GMT Malaysia Time Zone)

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