Two Oriental pied-hornbills exchanging morning greetings on Oxbow Lake, Sandakan.

These affectionate creatures are a great example of Symbiotic relationships; How the Earth, Its ecosystems and its creatures are all deeply connected.

Every living being in nature is dependent on one another. ‪#‎Hornbills‬depend on the forest for their daily grub yet they are also deemed 'Farmers of our Forests', responsible for forest restoration. They fulfill therole as 'seed dispersal agents' beautifully thanks to their dining habits-- spitting or pooping out the seeds of fruits they feed on. And the forest provides them juicy meals in return-- ‪#‎relationshipgoals‬ !

Next time you see a Hornbill, thank them for maintaining the balance of our eco-system & take some of their 'relationship' advice along with you!

Captured by our guest Laura Liu.