Climbers dressed warmly on Mount Kinabalu

The say the clothes make the man, and when it comes to doing sporty activities such as mountain climbing, this saying rings truer than ever. If an activity involves five to six hours of trekking, comfort should be your utmost priority. Check out this list of clothing and equipments you should have on your expedition to conquer Mount Kinabalu:

The basics on what to wear when trekking in colder climates

1. Breathable dri-fit shirt

During the climb you will be sweating buckets and wearing a damp shirt surrounded by the cold mountain air will be very uncomfortable! Skip the cotton shirt that clings onto sweat and opt for a moisture-wicking dri-fit shirt instead.

2. Trekking pole

Also known as hiking poles or hiking sticks, the usefulness of the trekking pole may not be immediately obvious but when you have been trekking for hours and your knees are starting to feel a little wonky, the trekking pole is the next best thing to sturdy legs. It especially helps a lot with descents as well.

3. Compression gears

One of the latest trends to hit the performance gear shelves, compression gears (shirt, trousers or socks) will help keep your muscles warm (by applying a certain level of pressure onto them) and help prevent muscle cramps mid-trek. Compression gears are also believed to be able to clear lactic acid buildup from your muscles more effectively so that you won’t feel as sore the next day.

4. Comfortable trekking shoes and a change of socks

If you are looking for an excuse to splurge on good quality trekking/trail shoes, this is your chance! Make sure you do your research on what are the best shoes to wear for mountain climbing. Take into consideration the terrains of Mount Kinabalu, which can vary from being muddy to rocky and make sure that the shoes are lightweight for hours of comfortable trekking. Also, don’t forget to bring an extra change of socks in case they get wet.

5. Waterproof windbreaker or poncho

The weather can be unpredictable at best. It doesn’t hurt to bring along a lightweight and hooded waterproof windbreaker or a disposable rain poncho that you can purchase at any convenience store.

6. Gloves with rubber grip

At one point before reaching the summit, you will be required to climb by grabbing a rope. In order to avoid rope burns while keeping warm, be sure to equip yourself with a thin pair of water resistant gloves with rubber grip.

7. Warm clothing

The temperature on the Mount Kinabalu summit can drop to as low as 0 degree celsius, therefore, it is important to stock up on warm clothing that are otherwise non-bulky. Opt for a thin fleece jacket that insulates body heat to keep you warm. Don’t forget to keep your neck and head warm too by wearing a fleece scarf and a knitted beanie.
Putting it all together: trekking pole, backpacks and an adventurous spirit!

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Have a fun climb and see you at the top!