Location, Location, Location

Welcome to Scuba Tiger, your gateway to all the splendorous dive sites of Sipadan, Mataking, Mabul, Kapalai, Mantabuan , Bohey Dulang and Timba-Timba. Straddling both the Celebes Sea and mainland Semporna, Scuba Tiger is your one-stop beach resort that’s as manicured as it is naturally stunning, offering adventure and all the exotic trappings of restorative serenity.


From your airport pick-up to your check-in, and even up till check-out, the crew caters to your every whim--akin to how a close-knit family would function, for whom nothing is ‘too much trouble’. Add a fat slab of hedonistic edge and world-class diving onto the already impeccable service, the Tiger’s den presents you that personalized realm of escapism you’ve been long looking for.

Life’s simple pleasures are best enjoyed slowly and perhaps with an extra touch of style-- whatever it takes to decompress from the stress of life, Scuba Tiger is one step ahead. Pop that champagne on #TheTigress during twilight or lounge on the lazy-chairs at sun-deck; you’re always promised front row seats to Nature’s grand show at the Tiger’s den. Or take it up a notch, hop on a jet-ski and speed into the blushing sunset—this resort offers a plethora of incredible adventures to suit every type of traveler. If your desired agenda revolves around rolling out of bed and onto a dive boat, the jetty is right at your doorstep—giving you extra time to sleep-in, allowing your ‘Eat Dive Sleep Repeat’ routine to run as smooth as butter. Every island in this archipelago is true to its postcard-perfect landscape; in contrast to the humdrum cityscape, the beauty here takes some getting used to. Island-hop to whichever island that tickles your fancy or just bliss out to the sound of the ocean right on the resort’s very own man-made beach. For an extra dose of adrenaline, experience the thrills and spills with the surprising slew of water sports options right at the resort. 

For a great night’s sleep, the resort caters to all tastes and standards, without the loss of creature comforts! Fully air-conditioned 5-bed Dorms and cozy Lodge-style accommodations for the budget friendly, private sea-front chalets on stilts for the adventurous honeymooners seeking isolation, as well as capacious beach-side chalets for those who wish to indulge a little are all available at the resort. All private chalets are thoughtfully fitted with amenities—heated showers in attached bathrooms, lounging area and a patio for after-hours drinks. The resort spreads across a generous swathe of land, where careful separation for privacy… so whatever happens in the Tiger’s den, stays in the Tiger’s den. Shhhh….

As an extra, Semporna’s Navy Base is stationed just 50meters from the house reef, so you can enjoy your stay with a peace of mind. 


The world is made up of 71% water. Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that only experiencing the other 29% is a waste of your precious time on earth, let the sea set you free. Take a plunge, escape from the mundane shuffle of life, things can turn from familiar to wildly marvellous with just one back roll entry.

Diving is a big part of the culture here in Scuba Tiger. The resort is strategically located, smack bang in the middle of it all, putting you a mere hop away from all of Semporna’s prime diving destinations. Diving with Scuba Tiger grants you a swift all-access pass to Mantabuan where the corals pulsate with a kaleidoscope of colours and textures. Not too far off, the Stone fish shy away under the shady overhangs of Sibuan, and dive sites like ‘Turtle Highway’ hint at what’s in store. For a refreshing contrast from the big fish action at Sipadan, Mabul is touted as a macro paradise laced with cryptic Pygmy Seahorses, arrays of Nudibranchs and resident Flying Gurnards that are as much fun to pronounce as they are to spot. The tropical fish of Kapalai that pop psychedelically against the rusted wrecks below the shallow sloping reef. And of course, at the Golden Triangle (Mataking, Pandanan and Timba-Timba) a comical cast of critters such as Frogfish, Orang Utan Crabs and Moray eels will make your jaw drop, if it weren’t for the regulator in your mouth.

But what makes a dive truly sensational? The rich tapestry of marine life? No doubt about it. Dive equipment? Only the best at Scuba Tiger. A comfortable dive boat? Spacious enough to allow mobility for big groups (Also a feisty paint-job to top it all off!). And what about Warm lunches for when the stomach is as empty as your dive tank? Meals will be so gratifying because you’ll be eating with the best of views. Most importantly, a professional crew facilitating an experience that’s fresh and exhilarating, time after time, even for the most seasoned dive-junkie? Bingo! These truly set Scuba Tiger apart from the rest. There’s certainly nothing small about the details and there’s no such thing as being too ambitious for the Dive Masters guiding you through the wild blue yonder here. They’re familiar with all the finest spots, selecting the best dive sites according to time and conditions. Armed with a keen eye for bizarre critters both big and small, each dive is nothing short of spectacular and always has an interesting cast of characters.


For those who have been flirting with the tempting idea of Diving, there’s a special place dedicated to aspiring bubble-blowers in the heart of the Tiger. Trade your oxygen on land for a tank of purified air, and take your first breathe underwater at the House Reef! You can get your PADI certification right here at Scuba Tiger’s Dive School.

No shortcuts here though, all those enthusiastic about being PADI Open Water Diver certified need to dedicate at least 4 days to completing the course: from dive theory, to mastering the Vader-like breathing, down to your first ever Open Water Dive. After that’s done and dusted, another achievement is unlocked, and the door is opened to another frontier far beyond the limits of land. There is simply no better way and no better place for you to get that underwater passport than in one of the World’s top diving destination, Semporna’s stunning Archipelago. This is truly love-at-first-dive.


Non-Divers, don’t worry! You don’t have to go deep for a thrilling day-out. No fancy equipment is needed, and you don’t even need to know how to swim. All you need is a mask, a pair of fins, a snorkel, some sunscreen and a sense of wanderlust. Close enough to diving, it’s also called ‘Skin-Diving’. The exciting yet cautious cousin of Scuba Diving is the most spontaneous way for you to get acquainted with all the aqua magic that goes on in the sparkling turquoise waters.

Semporna is studded with islands, each showcasing distinctive seascapes but all of which electrifyingly colourful—especially if you know where to look. Soft corals of every hue from fiery orange to hot pink ignite the scene, feisty clown fish dart around the protective tentacles of flashing blue sea anemones. With another gentle flick of the fin, a gang of resident reef fish are competing with sea turtles for your attention— it’s almost too much for the eyes to process.

Though diving gets all the spotlight around Semporna, Scuba Tiger doesn’t leave out the shallow water splendours. Choose an island to snorkel from , and don’t forget to ask for suggestions, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the highlights!


It’s easy to laze in a sweet island daze when you’re on this side of paradise—with all the different shades of blue that give top-notch visibility for both diving and snorkelling. However, if you find yourself itching to break a sweat, there is a 600meter hike that comes with a visually arresting view at the top.

The wildly beautiful island of Bohey Dulang is a hidden gem tucked in the scattered emeralds of Tun Sankaran Marine Park. The crater, shaped by volcanic eruptions two and a half million years ago is now filled 25meters deep with seawater and skirted by coral reefs. Best enjoyed from a panoramic view-point 253meters above sea level, It’s every Instagrammer’s wet dream.

For the perfect blend of sea and greenery, experience all the balmy splendours and go from reef to rainforest, all in a day.

Hike up the lush trails of Bohey Dulang, and follow this with a mesmerizing snorkel session straight after: Divers, Scuba Tiger’s flexible schedules allows you to swap those sneakers for a pair of fins.


Millions of years ago, a dark mass of rock popped out of the Earth’s crust and gradually escalated in width and height, creating a volcano that rose over 600meters, like a pillar out of the sea bed; coincidentally doing so in the very heart of the Indo-Pacific basin. And what a great spot it was to sprout! After some time, corals began to colonize the cone, flourishing as a reef and ultimately forming the strange, shape of a mushroom.

Today, this tiny speck of land is every scuba diver’s fantasy. So very unassuming from above, it is an astonishing cradle of bio-diversity below the surface, intriguing keen divers with all the wild sights it has to offer—brushing against sharks gliding right past you on their daily parade at White Tip Avenue, being confronted by a massive school of Jacks at the drop-off dive site and coming face to face with a Sea Turtle with dark gentle eyes that harbor ancient secrets.

It is so easy to be stunned into silence by the perplexity of shapes and sizes within minutes of entering the waters. As you drift along with the strong currents of the mid reef, you’re swept along and soon introduced to a new kind of traffic--- reef traffic. Harlequin Sweetlips and five-lined Cardinalfish move furtively amidst Table Corals and Gorgonian Fans hanging from ledges. With strong currents come high densities of fish life. Brace yourself because you might suddenly find yourself embroiled in a whirpool of Redtooth Triggerfish, Moorish Idols, Unicornfish and Bannerfish.

The scene changes once you venture out to the waters of South Point: the big pelagic fish run the whole show here. You try to keep the Eagle Rays in focus as they cruise in and out of the darkness with quiet seduction. And as you try to mimic the poise of the Sea Turtles you’ve seen, a massive school of Bumphead Parrotfish barrels into view ahead of you. The hypnotic beauty of Sipadan is dizzying, in the best possible way.

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