In this digital age, a hand-written snail mail is something we all can appreciate. What more if its posted from 3,289m above sea level, near the summit of Mount Kinabalu? That's way better than magnet souvenirs!

Send some news back home during your hike, post some snail mail all the way from from Laban Rata Pendant Hut, 3,289m above sea level, that's what you call some high altitude greetings right there.

Slap a special self-inking stamp on to that postcard or love letter to your special someone or even yourself to commemorate your journey. This single red dot on the Majestic Mount Kinabalu is a fun and quirky addition to Laban Rata, and it also marks the 3,110th POS box in the country, what a way to celebrate!

Get connected and send some love back home live from Mount Kinabalu, it sure is better than an email. right?