Send your loved ones (or even yourself) a postcard, Mountain high... Ocean deep!

We all know about posting letters from up above Mt.Kinabalu, right? Been there, Done that? How about posting letters from the country's deepest underwater postbox? Only in Layang-Layang Island, Malaysian Borneo!

Suit up, grab a mask and a pair of fins… because the plain old experience of sending mail this time round will be a fascinating one, embraced by schools of hammerhead sharks, amidst spectacular varieties of reef species, Manta Rays, Gorgonian corals, Parrotfish, Batfish, and even the elusive Sunfish! 

Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia) launched an underwater post box 40-metres deep in the wild enchanting depths of Layang-Layang Island─ One of the best dive spots in the world famed for its whimsical deep-sea denizens and flourishing coral forests untouched by man. The pristine tiny coral atoll island is bathed in tropical conditions of 7.5 degrees north to the equator and 114 degrees east of the meridian, its waters warm and welcoming with surface temperatures ranging between 21-32 degrees Celsius and a visibility average of 50-60m makes it idyllic for marine-life sightings; So we can assure you the whole experience won’t be a lonely one!

Your waterproof postcard get stamped with a special postmark with a Malaysia Book of Records Logo, marking the country’s deepest underwater Post Box, even deeper than the one in Japan! How deeper can your love-letters be, right? Especially from a place dubbed as "The Jewel of the Borneo Banks", how absolutely romantic.