On the eve of Chap Goh Mei, Amazing Borneo hold the long-awaited Chinese New Year celebration at Amazing Borneo's Asia City headquarters in Kota Kinabalu on February 23, 2024! The vibrant decorations and lanterns adorned the offices, immersing the space in a lively and festive aura. Brimming with joy and excitement, the entire Amazing Borneo team worked together, sharing smiles and lively conversations as they diligently ensured the flawless execution of the celebration.


The commencement of the Chinese New Year Celebration was marked by an exhilarating lion dance performance.

The lions playfully showered the staff's working desks with mandarin oranges, symbolizing an auspicious start to the new year brimming with luck and prosperity.

In a gesture symbolizing prosperity, the lions also handed pomelo, flowers, and mandarin oranges to the Heads of Department of Amazing Borneo, with the intent of ushering in good fortune for the company.

Since it's the Year of the Dragon, of course we can't skip the traditional dragon dance!

The highlight of the day: the CEO of Amazing Borneo, Kenji Yeo, distributing angpaos to the staff!

Next up: Yee Sang toss! This dish is a mix of ingredients symbolizing prosperity, good health, and abundance.

On the count of three, everyone took a pair of chopsticks and enthusiastically flung the dish high into the air! It was believed that the higher the collective toss of the Yee Sang, the greater the influx of luck and success in the upcoming year.

A delightful lunch feast featuring a range of delectable Malaysian cuisines was prepared for all the staff. But more than just delicious food, our Chinese New Year feast was a celebration of connection!

Laughter filled the air as colleagues from across departments savored delicious buffet spread while sharing stories and creating memories together - that's what makes this annual event truly special!